Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Wow...  How is it already nearing the end of February??  Here is what we have been up to lately.

Adam and I went to a fun tacky Christmas party with our sweet Sunday school class.

 We had a wonderful Christmas this year!!  I didn't take any pictures as I have been trying to focus more on the moment but i have this one showing that we had opened our mountain of gifts...

We went to a friends house for NYE!

And then another friends farm for the day on New Years.

We discovered that we have a hot chocolate fanatic in our house.

Caroline started gymnastics.

And went ice skating for the first time.

Ann Parker got stitches from an unfortunate twirling accident.

We had a girls night out to the circus.

Mimi was mystery reader in Caroline's class!

Caroline have her class some sweet valentines.

So did Harrison.

So did Ann Parker

Caroline ran the Mercedes Kids Marathon.

AP had her first pony tail!!

And raced in her derby day at school.

I had a fun Matilda Jane trunk show at my house and had the cutest models.

We have managed to stay busy these past couple of months!  

Monday, December 7, 2015

A little catch up

Wow...it's been three months since I have updated.  We have sure been busy!!

Ann Parker participated in the St. Jude trike a thon.  

She went to a unicorn party with her sweet friends.

Caroline ran in the Ranger Run at school.

We made our annual trip to Old Baker Farm and picked out the most perfect pumpkins.

Caroline discovered she loves using the leaf blower. 

Caroline dressed up as Elsa from Frozen Fever for Halloween.

Harrison and AP were chickens.

Harrison wore some of his daddy's old clothes.  

We went to the zoo with friends.

Caroline finished up a great season of soccer!  She also played tennis this fall and loved it.  She's our little sporty girl! 

We went to birthday parties for our friends.

Harrison had a thanksgiving snack at school.

And Ann Parker had a thanksgiving feast!

We went to Charlottle for Thanksgiving and saw Alan, Calyn and Gemma.  Cousin time was so fun!!

When we came home our outside tree had been delivered and staked.  Happy start to the Christmas season!!

The kids and I went to a holiday music concert by the ASO.

AP wrote a letter to Santa. 

And so did C!

We went to even more birthday parties.

And had lots of sister snuggles.

We have been busy!  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First pair of shoes for Harrison

Harrison is not walking by himself yet but since he is in school he needed some shoes.  We took AP to get shoes on her first birthday so we decided to follow suit and take our little man the day after.  We went to Sikes and picked out the sweetest pair of shoes.  He wasn't too impressed but I was sure excited!!  

First day of ballet

Finally!!!! Ann Parker got her turn to participate in activities.  She is going to be doing ballet and choir this fall and then adding soccer this spring.  She is taking princess ballet at BDT with Miss Lacie - the same class that Caroline took at this age.

She loved every second of it!  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of Toddler PDO and 3K

Last week my two little ones started school.  Harrison will be going two days a week to toddler PDO with Ms. Morgan and Ms. Lisa - the same teachers Caroline had at that age.  Ann Parker will be going three days a week and has Ms. Abbey at TCDC.

Barnyard Bash

The weekend before Harrison's birthday we celebrated him with a barnyard bash!!  It was a fun farm themed party.  We had an amazing day celebrating our little man and feeling mighty blessed to have him in our family.

Here are some pictures from the party...there may be duplicates.  Also, my camera broke and I was using my MIL's camera.  I couldn't get the settings right and it was so humid outside so the lens kept fogging up.  Just a warning why some of the pictures aren't great. :)